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3 June 2021
Inflation Resilience
Interest rates are rising in unison with inflation expectations. The resultant pressure on stock prices is twofold, one direct and one more subtle.
Mutual Fund, Webinar
11 May 2021
Quality Growth Fund Webinar - Q1 2021
17 March 2021
Press Release: Quality Value Team Promotions
We are pleased to announce that Tyra Pratt, CFA, and Jorge Rivas, CFA, have been promoted to Portfolio Managers on the Jensen Quality Value Investment Team.
Company Highlight
16 March 2021
Company Highlight: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is the world’s leading semiconductor chip foundry. As a foundry, TSMC manufactures chips on behalf of customers with the most cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities as defined by node size.
5 March 2021
Quality Investing Headwinds
Our analysis suggests that high-quality stocks are caught between momentum growth sentiment on one side and a wave of government stimulus benefiting low-quality businesses on the other.
Company Highlight
1 March 2021
Company Highlight: Compass Group
Compass Group PLC is the largest food service company in the world, with operations in 45 countries across five sectors. Compass differentiates itself through its unique sectorization strategy, offering customized and innovative solutions to clients under leading brands within distinct sectors.
Mutual Fund, Webinar
8 January 2021
Quality Growth Fund Webinar - Q4 2020
Join Jensen portfolio manager Eric Schoenstein for an overview of 4Q 2020 performance, portfolio activity, market trends, and future outlook.
Mutual Fund
1 January 2021
Press Release: Jensen Ranked #7 in Morningstar Fund Family 150 Report
Jensen Investment Management Ranked #7 of 150 Fund Firms by Morningstar Report .
Mutual Fund
31 December 2020
Year in Review: 2020
After a transitory but severe stage of negative sentiment in early 2020, investors were willing to optimistically ‘look through’ a sharp decline in earnings and host of uncertainties, focusing instead on the forward-looking implications of economic stimulus and progress on solving the COVID-19 pandemic.
17 December 2020
Jensen's Client Service & Partnership
Richard Clark discusses Jensen's long-standing approach to quality client service and partnerships.
16 December 2020
Carbon in the Quality Value Strategy
A look at portfolio companies in Jensen's Quality Value Strategy that play a prominent role in reducing or minimizing the amount of energy required to run their businesses.
Insights, Mutual Fund
16 December 2020
High Quality Stock Performance
For quality investors, questions surround the underperformance of high-quality stocks following the market's whiplash-inducing rebound after a 34% decline in early 2020.

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