Uncompromising Quality.

Jensen Investment Management is a high-conviction, active equity manager with an unwavering commitment to quality. The firm focuses on companies derived from a select universe of businesses that have produced a long-term record of persistently high returns on shareholder equity.

$ 13.1 B
Assets Under Management

  as of December 31, 2022

100 %
Employee Owned
Years Since Founding


Our Team

Jensen approaches investing as a team. Our portfolio managers work together, bringing diverse perspectives and a broad spectrum of business experience to every investment decision. Through the investment team’s collaboration and depth of focus, they strive to provide a consistently sound investment process, despite changing market conditions.

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Jensen Quality Strategies

At Jensen, we search for quality companies by targeting exceptional business performance combined with endurance.

Quality Growth

30+ years of unwavering commitment to quality.

Quality Value

Capturing quality down the cap spectrum.

Global Quality Growth

Quality is location and domicile agnostic.