Tractor Supply: An Underappreciated Gem

Home Depot and Lowe’s may dominate home improvement. But in exurbs and rural communities, Tractor Supply is the go-to source for livestock and gardening products. Learn how Jensen zeroed in on Tractor Supply’s underappreciated appeal to a loyal customer base.

Equifax: Independent Thinking at the Right Time

When Equifax, the credit scoring bureau, suffered a data breach in 2017, investors bolted in droves on the bad news. Learn how the Jensen Quality Value team did their research and reached a very different conclusion.

How a Reputation for Fierce Independence Attracted a Like-Minded Manager

It’s easy to follow the crowd, especially when markets are surging and stocks are reaching new highs. But independent thinking means making unpopular calls and sometimes looking out of step—at least temporarily. Learn how Jensen Portfolio Manager Tyra Pratt’s creates concentrated portfolios of high-conviction names that have staying power.

Get to Know Jensen

In 1988, Val Jensen founded Jensen Investment Management as a better way to serve his clients. Weary from turbulent, short-sighted equities markets, the 66-year-old career broker found refuge in quality investing.

More than three decades later …

Why Invest in Quality?

Quality is one of those words that appears to represent a simple truth—it seems self-evident that high quality is always preferable to low quality, no matter the subject at hand. Everyone wants quality, especially at a good price. But what is quality when it comes to investing?

Year in Review: 2021

U.S. equity markets are again poised to post strong returns in 2021. On a year-to-date basis through November 30th, the total return for the S&P 500 Index was 23.18%. Assuming no dramatic change in market levels, this would mark the third consecutive year with double-digit market returns, the first such three-year period since 2012-2014.