Reasons to Be Fearful? It Depends

While inflation feels more tolerable now than it did in 2022, it is still high. As the storm clouds have not fully dispersed, at Jensen, we counsel investors to remain vigilant — and their advisors even more so.

Quality Value Fund Update: Q1 2023

Join Jensen Portfolio Manager Kurt Havnaer for a quarterly update of the Jensen Quality Value Fund’s Q1 2023 performance, portfolio activity and future outlook.

Quality Growth Fund Update: Q1 2023

Join Jensen Portfolio Manager Kevin Walkush for an overview of Q1 2023 performance, portfolio activity, market trends, and future outlook.

Quality Steps Up As Banks Tumble

A banking crisis has caused a big headache for investors in early 2023, but our Quality Value investment approach may provide a tonic.

Pfizer: Short-Term Noise or Long-Term Benefits?

Pfizer stands to lose approximately $17B in sales over the next several years due to the loss of exclusivity on several large drug franchises. Find out why we believe this short-term noise may not outweigh the benefits for long-term investors.