Holdings Update: Buy APH

Due to an improved growth outlook, we now view Amphenol (APH) shares as attractively valued and are pleased to resume a stake in what we consider a quality growth business.

Unmistakably Jensen – part 2

Creating the future starts with creating purpose – and then pursuing that purpose with relentless conviction. Watch this short video to learn more about Jensen’s deliberate and distinctive management style.

Unmistakably Jensen – part 3

When investing in a company, there is no substitute for quality – ever. Watch this short video to learn more about Jensen’s commitment to quality.

Animal Spirits – July 2021 – Podcast

Over the last three decades, our research has shown that high-quality businesses are able to show a resiliency, regardless of what’s happening from a macro perspective. The real genesis of our team’s information and analysis is our fundamental research. From a long-term perspective, we feel very comfortable that a quality strategy can outperform over full market cycles.

Holdings Update: Buy MMC

We expect MMC to continue to grow through a combination of organic growth arising from strong underlying demand for its brokerage and consulting services.

Inflation Resilience

Interest rates are rising in unison with inflation expectations. The resultant pressure on stock prices is twofold, one direct and one more subtle.

Quality Growth Fund Webinar – Q1 2021

Kevin Walkush Portfolio Manager Click here for a current Fund prospectus. The Fund is non-diversified, meaning it may concentrate its assets in fewer individual holdings than a diversified fund. Therefore, the Fund is more exposed to individual stock volatility than a diversified fund. Mutual fund investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. The prices of […]