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From the beginning, our deep conviction in quality investing, independence, and collaboration has been unwavering.

These values remain at the core of what we do and why we do it. As our community grows, we are seeking diverse and committed professionals who are passionate about investing, continuous learning, and supporting our community.

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Inside Our Company Culture

Our unwavering commitment to all things quality starts with the character of our people, the culture we promote, and the companies in which we invest. The pursuit of quality defines us.​
Independence is core to who we are. It means more to us than a business structure: it is a state of being, one that is necessary to engender original thinking and a culture of conviction.
Investing is a collaborative endeavor built on trust. It’s this trust in one another that gives us the confidence to communicate openly, honestly, and directly, both internally and with our clients.​

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Jensen

At Jensen, collaboration and teamwork are essential to everything we do. To work together in the best interests of our clients and employees, we strive to operate in an inclusive environment that welcomes, respects, and affirms everyone’s inherent dignity, value, and uniqueness.

We honor our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion through participation in employee resource groups, requiring firmwide DE&I training, and engaging with outside organizations that support our ongoing mission.


The representation of different and unique identities, characteristics, experiences, and perspectives. These differences include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical and cognitive abilities, national origin, religious and political beliefs, education, marital status, language, veteran status, worldviews, and other characteristics and ideologies.


The proactive integration of practices, attitudes, and actions that produce equitable access, opportunities, treatment, impacts, and outcomes for Jensen’s employees, clients, and business partners.


Working together to create an open and welcoming environment that respects and affirms the inherent dignity, value, and uniqueness of all individuals and groups. Inclusive practices reflect awareness and understanding of the complexity of identity and the diversity in the world.

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Mutual Fund, Webinar
1 February 2023
Quality Growth Fund Webinar - Q4 2022
Join Jensen Portfolio Manager Rob McIver for an overview of 4Q 2022 performance, portfolio activity, market trends, and future outlook.
31 January 2023
With Covid Stumbles Behind It, AstraZeneca’s Superior Pipeline Can Shine
AstraZeneca can weather periodic hiccups with a diverse portfolio of blockbuster drugs, including a COVID-19 vaccine.
17 January 2023
With a Massive Vaccine War Chest, Pfizer’s Future Is Brighter Than Ever
The Covid Vaccine Isn’t the Most Exciting Thing About Pfizer (It’s What They Plan to Do Next)
9 January 2023
Canadian National Railway Is a Cash Generation Powerhouse
With a defensible position in a growing global economy, Canadian National Railway (CNR) is a cash generation powerhouse.
Mutual Fund, News
3 January 2023
Year in Review: 2022
U.S. equity markets are poised to post a double-digit decline in 2022. On a year-to-date basis through November 30th, the total return for the S&P 500 Index was -13.11%. Assuming no dramatic change in market levels, this would mark the first annual market decrease since 2018.
2 January 2023
Portfolio Manager Allen Bond Believes Teamwork Helps Uncover Stock Risks
With investment risks mounting, Portfolio Manager Allen Bond explains how collaboration and research are more important than ever.
Holdings Update
23 December 2022
Holdings Update: Sell CTSH
The Jensen investment team decided to sell long-term holding Cognizant Technology Solutions from the Jensen Quality Growth Strategy due to concerns about the deterioration of business fundamentals.
Holdings Update
23 December 2022
Holdings Update: Sell MMM
Due to concerns about the deterioration of business fundamentals, the investment team sold long-term holding 3M from the Jensen Quality Growth Strategy.