Why Invest in Quality?

Quality is one of those words that appears to represent a simple truth—it seems self-evident that high quality is always preferable to low quality, no matter the subject at hand. Everyone wants quality, especially at a good price. But what is quality when it comes to investing?

Year in Review: 2021

U.S. equity markets are again poised to post strong returns in 2021. On a year-to-date basis through November 30th, the total return for the S&P 500 Index was 23.18%. Assuming no dramatic change in market levels, this would mark the third consecutive year with double-digit market returns, the first such three-year period since 2012-2014.

Company Highlight: Equifax

Equifax is a global data, analytics and technology company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is one of the leading credit bureaus in the U.S., providing critical services for lenders’ credit decisions and helps lower financing costs for borrowers.

Holdings Update: Buy APH

Due to an improved growth outlook, we now view Amphenol (APH) shares as attractively valued and are pleased to resume a stake in what we consider a quality growth business.

Unmistakably Jensen – part 2

Creating the future starts with creating purpose – and then pursuing that purpose with relentless conviction. Watch this short video to learn more about Jensen’s deliberate and distinctive management style.

Animal Spirits – July 2021 – Podcast

Over the last three decades, our research has shown that high-quality businesses are able to show a resiliency, regardless of what’s happening from a macro perspective. The real genesis of our team’s information and analysis is our fundamental research. From a long-term perspective, we feel very comfortable that a quality strategy can outperform over full market cycles.