Animal Spirits – 2022

Jensen Portfolio Manager Allen Bond joins the Animal Sprits Podcast to discuss what qualities to look for in quality growth companies and how they perform during inflationary periods.

Holdings Update: Buy Moody’s

We added Moody’s Corporation to the Quality Growth Portfolio due in part to its global dominance in credit ratings, high customer retention rates, and high degree of recurring revenue. We expect Moody’s to grow and create business value.

Holdings Update: Sell GIS

The Jensen Investment Team sells the Quality Growth Strategy’s remaining position of General Mills (GIS).

2021 Quality Value Fund Annual Webinar

Join Jensen Portfolio Manager Kurt Havnaer for an annual overview of the Jensen Quality Value Fund’s 2021 performance, portfolio activity and future outlook.

Do Not Be Fooled by Earnings Adjustments

The magnitude of income statement differences between GAAP and non-GAAP figures can be substantial, and investors are largely on their own to determine the veracity and impact of the differences. In this article, Portfolio Manager Allen Bond discusses how to interpret them and what factors to focus on.

Company Highlight: Encompass Health

We added Encompass Health to the Jensen Quality Value Strategy in October 2017 due to its attractive valuation, competitive advantages, and growth prospects.

Company Highlight: Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply, the largest farm and ranch retailer in the U.S., has an impressive track record of delivering sustainable growth in a highly fragmented market. We added Tractor Supply to the Jensen Quality Value Strategy in August 2017.