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Jensen Quality Value Strategy


We evaluate opportunities for the Jensen Quality Value Strategy using fundamental research and various valuation tools. The Quality Value Strategy’s targeted end result is approximately 30-50 companies that have persistently high business returns and are undervalued relative to their business performance.

Step 1

The Jensen Quality Universe™ + Market Cap

Our selection process pares down 4,000 publicly-traded U.S. companies, creating a focused universe of approximately 260 to perform further screening.

  • ROE greater than 15% for each of the last ten years as determined by the Investment Team
  • Market capitalization above $100 million
  • Primarily companies with market capitalizations less than the largest capitalization company included in the Russell Midcap® Index at the time of the strategy’s investment, although, to a limited extent, may include companies with higher market capitalizations
Step 2

Quality + Value Screen

Identification of each company’s value relative to its business performance.

  • Criteria based on company-specific fundamentals and valuation are applied to the universe
  • Companies with strong fundamental businesses and attractive valuation are identified and monitored
Step 3

Portfolio Construction

A portfolio of 30-50 companies which we believe are undervalued relative to their business performance.

  • Emphasizes approximately one-third of the universe based on our own internal research and valuation
  • Position sizes vary based on analysis of potential return and risk characteristics

Sell Discipline

A company will be sold from the Jensen Quality Value Strategy if:

  • It no longer meets one or more of the criteria of the investment process
  • Its fundamentals deteriorate, lowering ROE below 15% on an annual basis, indicating a possible loss of competitive advantage
  • The Investment Team determines that another qualifying company has a better opportunity to achieve the strategy’s objective