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Private Client Accounts

Everyone has a unique financial situation. At Jensen Investment Management we strive to advance your financial goals with a focused, disciplined and long-term program that uses only high quality investments.

Our firm has been active in the management of Private Client Accounts since our founding in 1988, never veering from the concept that if we put our clients’ interests first, we and our clients will enjoy a long term and beneficial relationship that spans multiple generations.


As long term investors our goal is to understand our clients’ financial objectives and create a portfolio tailored to these needs. We believe that financial objectives are best achieved with flexible plans designed for you, not “off the shelf / one size fits all” programs available elsewhere. Our services include personal attention from a team of investment professionals who know you and your family.

We can assist in the transfer of wealth to future generations, philanthropic giving, creating a personal financial statement and analyzing your cash flow needs, all to help provide comfort that your Jensen Private Client Account is optimized to your objectives. Ongoing reviews keep portfolios relevant to your lifestyle, and we welcome the opportunity to work with your other professionals to ensure that all of your interests and objectives are aligned.

Investment Approach

For equities, either through separate stock holdings or Jensen mutual funds, our fundamental belief is that enduring wealth is created by owning great companies that consistently create shareholder value. For fixed income securities and cash equivalents we embrace high quality investments, with low exposure to interest rate swings. Further, we are cognizant of the significant impact taxes can have on your invested capital.

The common stocks of the companies we select for client portfolios are those of exceptional businesses, of which only a select number of public companies qualify. We invest in companies that consistently return well above their cost of capital, which is a proxy for persistent shareholder value creation. Further, these companies are in a special category that generates more cash than needed for operations, thus they can safely fund growth initiatives, complete other attractive transactions and typically increase their dividends. These companies also tend to be more predictable in their future performance. In all cases, valuations are an important consideration of risk management.

Patience, risk mitigation and quality investing blend to provide an approach that may be right for you.

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