ESG Investing Webinar

August 2, 2023
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ESG Investing Webinar: Analysis & Approach

Headshot of Jensen employee Kevin Walkush
Kevin Walkush
Portfolio Manager and Head of ESG

At Jensen, we believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis is, and always has been, an inherent part of our fundamental research process.

Join Kevin Walkush, Portfolio Manager and Head of ESG, as he discusses how our deep, company-specific knowledge enables the Jensen Investment Team to gain more compressive insight into the ESG risks affecting the Jensen Quality strategies.

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Headshot of Jensen employee Kevin Walkush
Kevin Walkush
Portfolio Manager & Head of ESG

How do you define “ESG”?

At Jensen, we have yet to find a fixed, universally established definition for ESG. Rather, many of our clients and the prospects we talk with express varying views on what essential elements compose ESG. We find that ESG inescapably has a dynamic framework and one that evolves with time. We therefore view ESG on a spectrum, a socially-responsible spectrum.

ESG webinar timeline

On the left, we start at the early days of socially-responsible investing, which began with Exclusion: values-based screening.

As we move right, we believe that the heart of ESG investing lies here, in the middle of the spectrum, with

Integration: considering factors in your analysis of a business;
Company Engagement: meeting with management to address ESG issues that could affect risks or opportunities within the business; and
ESG-Driven Selection: using ESG to drive a portfolio’s construction.

Finally, at the right end of the spectrum we arrive at Activism / Impact: actually investing in a business to drive change in that business through an ESG lens or mandate.

Watch the webinar above to learn how we integrate these elements into each of Jensen’s three portfolios.

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