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04/11/2016 - Announcement

Jensen Firm Update – April 2016

Jensen Investment Management was founded to be a sustainable, employee-owned company.  The vision of founder Val Jensen and his early partners included a willingness to share both ownership and decision-making control.  In the continued spirit of that vision, Jensen is pleased to announce that three of its “third generation” employee-owners, Allen Bond, Richard Clark and Linsey Owens, have increased their equity ownership in our business.  Allen Bond serves as Portfolio Manager and vice chairman of the Investment Committee and has been with the firm since 2007.  Richard Clark joined Jensen in 2001 and serves as its Director of Sales and Marketing.  Linsey Owens joined in 2004 and leads the firm’s marketing efforts as Director of Marketing.  We congratulate each of these employee-owners on their increased commitment to the firm.

We also want to take this opportunity to advise you of a future management transition at Jensen.  Dave Mertens, Managing Director, will retire during the first quarter of 2017.  Dave joined Jensen in 2002 and has led the firm’s sales, marketing and client service initiatives.  The transition of Dave’s responsibilities is well-planned and will take place over the coming twelve months.  These responsibilities will be assumed by Richard Clark, Linsey Owens and Kim Foley, Director of Institutional Services.

Today, nearly 50% of Jensen’s active employees are owners in our business. Jensen has built a team of professionals with considerable depth and a singular focus on investing in businesses with durable competitive advantages.  We look forward to serving your current and future investment needs.