Jensen Mutual Funds


Jensen Team

Jensen has built a culture based on effective teamwork.

Our management structure is flat which allows for effective decision making and ensures accountability for business decisions and performance.

For over 30 years, Jensen has been dedicated to servicing our clients with integrity and a goal of providing clients with long term, attractive returns.

Active employee ownership is a very important aspect of our culture as it secures our independence. Jensen is 100% employee owned and ownership is represented in every department of the firm. Our independence combined with our team-based approach has allowed us to remain focused on our investment philosophy without distraction. Equally important is the commitment by Jensen’s Investment Team to invest alongside our clients, all of whom have invested a substantial portion of their personal assets in our firm and quality strategies.

The success of Jensen’s team approach is largely achieved by hiring exceptional people, who bring talent, experience and integrity to bear in all facets of our business. We take pride in recognizing the distinct contributions of each Jensen professional.

Growth Investment Team

Jensen approaches investing as a team. Our portfolio managers work together, bringing diverse perspectives and a broad spectrum of business experience to every investment decision. Through the investment team’s collaboration and depth of focus, they strive to provide a consistently sound investment process, despite changing market conditions.