Jensen Mutual Funds


What’s inside the Jensen Quality Universe™?

We are extremely selective. The Jensen Quality Universe™ includes only those businesses that have produced a return on shareholder equity of 15% or greater in each of the past ten years, as determined by the Investment Team. We search for quality companies by targeting exceptional business performance combined with endurance. For those businesses that qualify, we have found the stamina of these quality businesses to be powerful; possessing sustainable competitive advantages and producing consistent earnings growth which, when compounded, can deliver tremendous value to shareholders. The ability to maintain these characteristics over time has generally resulted in increasing free cash flow well in excess of operating needs—which can be a prime indicator of a valuable investment. Derived from this investable universe, Jensen’s Quality Growth Fund and Quality Value Fund share the same investment philosophy. We then apply a distinct investment process to each, producing different performance characteristics. Want to learn more about our investments? Check out our latest news.