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Investment Philosophy

At Jensen Investment Management, we seek to help you access quality companies at attractive valuations through risk adjusted portfolios mindfully constructed to serve your clients for the long-term.

How We Invest

A consistent, sustainable investment process is vital to weathering all economic climates.

We believe that sustainable competitive advantages and persistent, strong business performance yield long-term growth and capital appreciation while reducing investment risk. In our experience, adherence to this investment philosophy results in a portfolio that participates in up markets and tends to protect value during volatile periods.

Jensen’s philosophy has been constant since its inception in 1988. However, we have sought to continuously improve our process. While our desire for continuous improvement should lead to more enhancements in the future, we will remain true to the basic tenets of our investment discipline that have proven successful for us for more than 30 years.

We focus on the quality and consistency of business model performance rather than low price or valuation in isolation as it has been our experience that these may be less reliable metrics for long-term performance. We believe this attention to fundamentals and valuation allows Jensen to mitigate the business and pricing risks of investing in equities and results in a strategy that produces strong investment returns with less risk than the overall market.


ESG and Risk Mitigation

Our analysts understand the underlying drivers for a given company’s ESG score and vet any ESG risks identified by the metrics.

We strive to evaluate all relevant financial and non-financial factors that may affect a business and ultimately, investment results. Our investment team seeks to identify companies that understand and thoughtfully manage all of the inherent business risks, including ESG.

We do believe that overlooking relevant ESG issues–as with any material business issue–can increase the risk of negative investment outcomes. However, we do not view it as a binary tool used to separate good investments from bad. We continue to review new research on the potential impact of ESG factors within our long-standing research approach.

How could your clients benefit from a high-quality risk aware investment approach?


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Unabashedly Independent

Original and independent thinking are core to who we are at Jensen.



Position sizes are determined through weekly and quarterly portfolio assessments.


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