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About Jensen

Quality Investing for Over 25 Years

At Jensen Investment Management, our pursuit of quality has defined us for over 25 years. We bring clients and shareholders an unwavering dedication to a consistent investment process while striving to provide exceptional client service.

The strength of our investment philosophy is built on a long-term perspective and commitment to investing in quality businesses. We believe these quality companies contain sustainable competitive advantages, creating value as profitable businesses that can, over time, provide attractive returns with less risk than the overall market.
We are extremely selective.
We search for quality companies by targeting exceptional business performance combined with endurance.  Learn More About The Jensen Quality Universe
Jensen approaches investing as a team. Our portfolio managers work together, bringing diverse perspectives and a broad spectrum of business experience to every investment decision.  Meet the Jensen Team
Placing Clients First
Jensen Investment Management is 100% employee-owned. We invest alongside our clients and believe deeply in our investment process. This independence allows us to always place our clients first.

Jensen offers both a quality growth and quality value strategy.

You can invest in the following ways:

Mutual Funds

Jensen offers two mutual funds to a variety of investors including financial advisors, institutions, retirement plans and individuals.

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Separately Managed Accounts

We provide separately managed accounts for institutions and private clients, and mutual funds for institutions, advisors and individual investors.

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